Syrian rebels score victories over IS in North Aleppo

Syrian rebels score victories over IS in North Aleppo
Syrian opposition forces have regained territory from the Islamic State group in rural areas of northern Syria, as regime-allied strikes continue to hit civilians.
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16 May, 2016
Opposition fighters have been attacking IS while also being targeted by the regime [AFP]
Syrian opposition forces controlling the city of Azaz in the northern Aleppo province responded to attacks from the Islamic State group in the village of Tal Hussein, east of the city, and reclaimed control of the area on Sunday. 

They also took the villages of al-Ferzieh and Yahmoul outside Aleppo city from the grip of the Islamic State group.  

The rebels managed to regain control of the villages after fierce firefights using both heavy machine guns and light weapons, according to local media activist Mohammed al-Halabi.  

Opposition forces reportedly continued to attack IS in the village of Albel throughout the night.

Halabi added that Sunday's opposition victories follow an attack by IS on opposition-controlled areas in the eastern regions of Azaz.

Since a ceasefire was officially declared in Syria it has been broken multiple times, opposition forces have continued to fend off attacks from IS, while being targeted by regime forces and their allies.