Rebel attack destroys regime military base, leaves casualties in northern Syria

Rebel attack destroys regime military base, leaves casualties in northern Syria
A military headquarter belonging to the Syrian regime was destroyed in a rebel attack on Saturday
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30 July, 2022
Fighting has intensified in northern Syria in recent days in anticipation for a Turkish operation [Getty]

An opposition faction destroyed a Syrian regime military headquarters in the war-torn country’s north, leaving casualties.

The al-Tahrir wal-Bina Movement, affiliated to the opposition-Syrian National Army (SNA), targeted a building with heavy artillery near the town of Tadif in the Aleppo governorate, sources told The New Arab’s sister site, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

The headquarters – housing the regime army’s Fourth Division - a military defender and ammunition were destroyed in the shelling, the sources said, adding that Syrian soldiers were also killed and wounded without specifying the death toll.

Al-Tahrir wal-Bina released a statement confirming the attack. 

Saturday’s attack reportedly came in retaliation to the targeting of a site belonging to the al-Tahrir wal-Bina Movement by Syrian regime forces earlier.

It also comes after a similar attack by the SNA-linked group on 23 July also in Tadif, which targeted regime positions inside the town and left at least seven regime soldiers killed.

That allegedly came in response to a Russian airstrike on a border village west of Aleppo, which left seven civilians killed, including four children.

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The Syrian regime has renewed artillery and missile shelling on various areas in Syria’s northwest in recent days, as it prepared for a Turkish operation in the country.

Many Turkish-backed rebel groups are active in northern Syria, parts of which are under Ankara’s control, such as the SNA.

The 11-year conflict is estimated to have killed more than half a million people and left millions more displaced.