Syrian opposition: No place for Assad in Syria

Syrian opposition: No place for Assad in Syria
Members of the Syrian opposition have reiterated that there is no place for Assad in a transitional political process following comments by Russia that such statements are 'restrictive'.
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04 April, 2016
Rebel groups are constantly in contact with the opposition delegation [Getty]
Riyad Nassan Agha, spokesman for Syria's main opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) has reiterated the demand of the Syrian opposition that President of Syria Bashar al-Assad should not be involved in any transitional political process.

"We understand that the transition is from an era of dictatorship to an era of democracy," Agha told The New Arab.

The statements come ahead of a planned meeting between the negotiation delegation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday before the third round of Geneva negotiations are planned to commence after April 10.

The committee has repeatedly rejected Assad's demand for any transitional government to include his regime as Syria struggles to emerge from five years of civil war.

Agha's comments come in response to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov who said that demands for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to step down restrict perspectives for political settlement in this country.

Moscow proposes to put off discussions about Assad's fate, Ryabkov said, adding the issue should be decided later by the sides involved in the Syrian conflict.

Islam Alloush, spokesman for Jaysh al-Islam said that discussions between military factions and the opposition committee are continuing.

"Meetings between fighting factions are continuous and messages are relayed to the HNC," adding that fighting groups also report "violations by the regime and the situation on the ground."

Alloush also criticized the "delay by the international community to put an end to this era in Syria's history under the rule of the criminal regime".

Suheir Atassi member of the Syrian opposition delegation also stressed to The New Arab that the opposition "rejects any role given to Bashar Assad in a transitional government and in the future of Syria."