Syrian opposition factions 'launch' Daraa offensive to support Zabadani

Syrian opposition factions 'launch' Daraa offensive to support Zabadani
Factions of the Syrian Southern Front, an alliance of opposition groups, have announced a new imminent offensive in northern Daraa to re-capture areas seized earlier this year by regime forces
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09 September, 2015
In June, the Syrian opposition seized control of the regime's 52nd Brigade in Daraa [Anadolu]

On Tuesday, factions in the Syrian Southern Front announced in a statement a new offensive in northern Daraa, in support of the rebels in Zabadani in the Damascus countryside.

Regime forces and Hizballah continue their offensive on the rebel-held city of Zabadani as the city and surrounding countryside in the Qalamoun region.

Situated near the Lebanese border, Zabadani is believed to be the last significant rebel-held outpost in the area.

In Daraa, al-Furqan Brigades circulated a statement, of which al-Araby al-Jadeed received a copy, announcing that a number of opposition factions have agreed to launch a military operation dubbed "In Support of Zabadani."

The offensive is expected to take place in the so-called triangle of death between Quneitra, Damascus and Daraa, with the stated goal of expelling pro-regime militias there.

The statement, which is dated September 8, said al-Furqan Brigades, Jaysh al-Yarmouk, Brigade 24 and other opposition factions operating in the area would participate in the battle.

The triangle of death witnessed fierce fighting earlier this year, when pro-regime militias backed by Iran launched a major ground offensive supported by the Syrian regime air force.

The militias were able to seize several strategic towns and hills in the area, including Tal Qarin.

These hills will be the focus of the new offensive, according to activists from Daraa who spoke to al-Araby al-Jadeed's Arabic service.