Syrian Kurdish forces find three murder victims at notorious Al-Hol camp

Syrian Kurdish forces find three murder victims at notorious Al-Hol camp
Three people have been found dead in the notorious Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria, which houses displaced Syrians and Iraqis as well as the families of Islamic State group militants.
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11 August, 2022
The Al-Hol camp is notorious for poor conditions and violence [Getty]

Kurdish Asayish security forces on Wednesday found three bodies of people who had been murdered in the notorious Al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria.

The North Press Agency (NPA), which is close to the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), reported that two Iraqi brothers, Hatem and Hisham Mahmoud, were found shot in the head in the fifth sector of the camp.

The Asayish found the body of Samer Rawad, a displaced Syrian, in the fourth sector of the camp.

They accused Islamic State group sleeper cells of committing the murders, according to the NPA.

The Al-Hol camp houses an estimated 56,773 displaced people, most of them from Syria and Iraq and some of them related to IS militants.

It is notorious for violence and poor living conditions.

Some of the residents are relatives of IS militants from Western countries.

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The latest killings bring the total number of murders at the camp this year to 31. In addition, 15 people were targets of attempted murder.

Earlier this month, the Asayish security forces, who operate under the authority of AANES, thwarted an attempt by 56 women and children to escape the camp. Many of those held at the camp suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and disease.

The Asayish also announced in August they had found tunnels in the camp, which they said were used by IS members to plan attacks.

They stormed the camp earlier this month and arrested people suspected of IS links.