Syrian civilians killed in nighttime Idlib air raids, while Ghouta is hit with gas

Syrian civilians killed in nighttime Idlib air raids, while Ghouta is hit with gas
Syria's Idlib was hit with heavy air raids again on Friday night, killing at least three children while the regime attacked Eastern Ghouta with chlorine gas.
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13 January, 2018

At least 11 civilians were killed in heavy Syrian regime air raids on Idlib province on Friday night, where fighting on the ground has raged for over a week.

Three children were killed along with four other civilians in the village of Khan al-Sible in southern Idlib on Friday night, as Russia and the regime intensify airstrikes on the rebel-held province.

Moscow claimed that one airstrike hit a rebels' factory responsible for attacks on Russia's air base in Latakia earlier this month. The video shows a missile hitting a building as people enter.

The White Helmets civil defence team posted images showing a rescue centre and digging equipment destroyed in one air strike.

Around 100,000 Syrians have fled their homes as Russian and Syrian regime air campaigns on Idlib intensify and pro-Damascus troops and militia fighters advance on the ground.

Turkey and NGOs have warned of a new humanitarian disaster in Syria with the regime offensive on Idlib, the last province in rebel hands.

In Eastern Ghouta, a regime advance to capture a military and industrial area close to the capital Damascus has seen heavy fighting around the Harasta district.

Chlorine gas were used in some of the regime offensives in the area overnight, while hundreds of families have fled the area as the Damascus suburb sees some of the heaviest fighting and air raids in weeks.

Syria's war began in 2011, when an armed uprising against Bashar al-Assad's regime erupted as anti-government protests were brutally crushed.

Around half a million people have been killed - the vast majority civilians - while half the country has been made homeless due to fighting and air strikes.