Syria: Three new suspected typhoid cases near Yarmouk

Syria: Three new suspected typhoid cases near Yarmouk
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24 September, 2015
UNRWA has identified three new suspected cases of typhoid near Yarmouk camp in Syria, the UN agency said on 23 September.
Typhoid is mainly caused by contaminated food and water [AFP]

Three new suspected cases of typhoid have been identified near Yarmouk camp in Syria, reported the UN on 23 September.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East identified the cases while carrying out humanitarian operations near the town of Yalda.

"Our health teams in Syria are finding increasing evidence of a typhoid outbreak among civilians from Yarmouk, in Damascus," said UNRWA Spokesperson Chris Gunness in a statement.

"Today we saw 320 patients and among them were three suspected cases of typhoid. This brings the total figure of suspected cases to 90. That is 90 too many," he added.

UNRWA identified an outbreak of typhoid among refugees at Yalda who had escaped Yarmouk camp last month, with at least six confirmed cases.

The disease is caused mainly by Salmonella typhi bacteria in food or water contaminated with the faeces or urine of infected people.

UNRWA said that the high summer temperatures combined with food and water shortages meant communicable illness remained "a source of profound vulnerability for civilians".

"UNRWA is deeply concerned that without access, the most basic humanitarian needs of Palestinian and Syrian civilians, including many children, continue to be left unmet," said Gunness.