Syria 'shoots down three Israeli missiles' near Damascus

Syria 'shoots down three Israeli missiles' near Damascus
Syria's state news agency says Syrian air defence has shot down on Tuesday three Israeli missiles that were targeting a military post near the capital, Damascus.
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05 December, 2017
Israel has acknowledged carrying out airstrikes in Syria [Anadolu]
Syria's air defence shot down three Israeli missiles targeting a military post near the capital Damascus, state news agency said on Tuesday.

The attack occurred early on Tuesday, SANA reported, without stating whether there were casualties.

The attack comes three days after Syria said Israel fired several surface-to-surface missiles at a military post near Damascus, causing material damage but no casualties.

There was no Israeli comment on the incident.

The opposition's Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported late on Monday the Israeli airstrike on the Damascus suburb of Jamaraya.

"Israeli planes targeted the Jamaraya region near Damascus including a scientific research centre and warehouses where weapons and ammunition of the regime and its allies were stocked," Rami Abdel Rahmane, director of the Britain-based monitoring group told AFP

Israel has acknowledged carrying out airstrikes in Syria since the outbreak of the bloody war in the country six years ago to stop arms deliveries to Hizballah forces.

Since the conflict began, Israel has struck several Syrian military facilities, mostly near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In September, Israeli warplanes hit a military position near the Mediterranean coast in western Syria, killing two soldiers and causing material damage.

Last month, the Israeli military said it shot down a drone above the Golan Heights that tried to infiltrate its airspace from Syria, using a Patriot missile.

It said the drone was operated by the Syrian government and was shot down in the demilitarised zone between the two countries.

In September, Israel said it shot down an Iranian-made drone sent by Hizballah in the same area.

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