Suspected Egyptian people smuggling mastermind arrested in UK

Suspected Egyptian people smuggling mastermind arrested in UK
After several cases of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean while trying to reach Europe, an alleged people smuggler from Egypt responsible for such operations has been arrested and held in London.
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22 June, 2023
Thousands of migrants drown after being put on 'death trap' boats by people smugglers every year [Getty]

An Egyptian man suspected of organising the smuggling of thousands of people aboard "death traps" from North Africa into Italy has been arrested in London, British police said on Thursday.

The 40-year-old man was detained in west London near Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said, after an investigation involving Italian police.

The arrest comes after nine Egyptians were arrested in Greece this week in connection with a Mediterranean migrant boat disaster that killed at least 82 people, and possibly hundreds more.

The NCA said the man in London was linked to a number of illegal Mediterranean crossings in the past year, including from Libya, and was working from a UK base with criminal associates.

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Three of the crossings required rescues by the Italian coastguard for vessels in distress, each of which was carrying more than 600 people, the UK agency said.

"The type of boats organised crime groups use for crossings are death traps, and sadly many people have died after incidents in the Mediterranean, which demonstrates the level of danger," senior NCA officer Darren Barr said.

"We will continue to share intelligence and take action with partners to prevent crossings and arrest people smugglers here and overseas," he said.