IS in surprise attacks on Iraq's Baiji and Fallujah

IS in surprise attacks on Iraq's Baiji and Fallujah

Islamic State extremists seized more territory on Friday in Salah al-Din province and attacked positions near the city of Fallujah in Iraq.

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06 June, 2015
Clashes in Anbar [Getty]

Islamic State forces launched a surprise attack on Friday  on positions in Baiji area in the north Salah al-Din in northern Iraq. IS was able to seize control of a number of villages, taking advantage of the confusion in the ranks of the Iraqi army and militias following the detonation of a number of car bombs by suicide-bombers.

A security source told Al-Araby al-Jadeed: “IS attacked the areas of al-Sukak and al-Mazra'a in the west of the district, taking full control of them.” Clashes continued between IS and the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization forces in the nearby areas of al-Layn and al-Sadd, the source added.

The source said that US war planes intervened, hitting IS forces but failing to stop them.

Clashes near Fallujah

In a related development, IS renewed its bombardment of al-Amiriya near Fallujahh on the same day. A medical source said that the main hospital in the town admitted seven patients injured by the shelling. IS acted in conjunction with the local Al Bu Isa tribesmen, whose Sahwa (Awakening) militia had clashed with the Popular Mobilization forces. He said dozens of families had fled towards Baghdad.

Another local source confirmed that three fighters from the Sahwa militia died in the clashes, including its commander, Adel Isawi, the brother of Amiriya's mayor, Faisal Isawi. The source said the militia launched a “fierce” attack on the Popular Mobilization, killing four and wounding nine, some critically.

The source said the clashes erupted after the Popular Mobilization demanded all tribal militias fighting IS join its ranks and report to its central headquarters in Baghdad. The tribes are reported to have rejected the request, calling it an “Iranian attempt to alter the demographic configuration of Anbar”.