Sulphur factory blaze in Iraq kills one firefighter

Sulphur factory blaze in Iraq kills one firefighter
An Iraqi fire has killed one man, in a blaze at a sulphur factory.
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27 June, 2019

Iraq sulphur factory fire

A man has died after battling a fire at a sulphur factory in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, agencies reported on Thursday.

The victim was a civil defence worker who was helping tackle the fire at the Al-Mishraq sulphur company in the south of the city.

Mohammed Abdullah al Jibouri, from the Nineveh city council, said the man died in a "rollover accident" when the vehicle he was travelling in crashed in rough terrain.

Several more civil defence workers and volunteers suffered breathing problems after inhaling toxic sulphur fumes.

The blaze started in nearby villages, according to a worker at the sulphur plant, but high winds soon saw saw the fire spread to fields and then the plant itself, factory worker Sabhan Khidhir told AP.

The al-Mishraq sulphur plant was previously burned by the Islamic State group at the end of 2016 as the militants slow down the advancement of the Iraqi army toward west Mosul.