Sudan's Bashir extends national ceasefire by one month

Sudan's Bashir extends national ceasefire by one month
Omar al-Bashir extended the ongoing ceasefire with rebels in the country's south, allegedly as part of a project to improve peace.
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01 January, 2017
Bashir concluded the country's conference on peace talks in October [AFP]

The Sudanese president extended his government's ceasefire with rebel groups in the country's south by another month on Saturday.

Omar al-Bashir also invited rebel leaders from the regions of Darfur, Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan to join his National Dialogue talks in Khartoum.

"Extending the ceasefire agreement helps enhance the atmosphere of national reconciliation," said Bashir.

"Providing dialogue with the armed movements creates the opportunity for them to think positively about renouncing violence and joining the peace process."

The National Dialogue programme was launched in October 2015 and aims to end the violence of Sudan's almost two decades of civil war. The majority of Sudan's opposition groups have boycotted the talks.

The US government expressed their concern in October 2016 over the lack of inclusion of opposition voices, particularly from the country's southern regions.

"We believe it is equally important to strive for a representative and comprehensive national dialogue with participation from political and armed opposition, for a sustainable end to Sudan's internal crises," said US spokesperson, John Kirby.

Bashir reportedly renewed his commitment to the seven objectives of the talks, which include improving national governance, introducing peace and establishing security.

The Sudanese government voted to re-introduce the office of Prime Minister on Wednesday in order to reportedly devolve some level of power from President Bashir.