Sudan says arrests 41 for possessing large amount of explosives

Sudan says arrests 41 for possessing large amount of explosives
Sudanese authorities arrested 41 people for possessing large amounts of explosives.
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16 September, 2020
41 people have been arrested in Sudan [Getty]

Sudanese authorities on Wednesday said they arrested 41 people for possessing a large amount of explosive materials, including the same compound that caused a catastrophic explosion in Lebanon last month.

"Forty-one people were arrested in possession of explosives, enough to destroy (the capital) Khartoum," said public prosecutor Tagelsir al-Hebr in a press conference, adding that his office had opened an investigation.

Intelligence gathered since August on "the movements of terrorist groups" led to the arrests, according to Jamal Jumaa, spokesman for the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. 

"We fear now that some Sudanese people will resort to carrying out sabotage and bombings," he said.

"This is a threat to Sudanese national security."

Jumaa said the materials seized included the same explosive compound that caused the massive blast in the Lebanese capital on August 4.

The explosion of tonnes of ammonium nitrate at Beirut's port killed at least 190 people and devastated large swathes of the city. 

Sudan is currently led by a transitional government, which took power months after the April 2019 ouster of longtime president Omar al-Bashir. 

The government has vowed to rebuild the economy, beleaguered by decades of US sanctions and internal conflict under Bashir's rule. 

But the country has continued to suffer severe economic hardship, which played a key role in triggering the unprecedented anti-Bashir protests in December 2018.

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