Sudan to receive $400 million agricultural aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE

Sudan to receive $400 million agricultural aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE
Sudan is getting $400 million to help with its agricultural production from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
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12 April, 2021
This comes as Sudan endures a crippling economic crisis [Getty]
Sudan is set to receive $400 million in aid for its agricultural sector from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the state's official SUNA news reported on Sunday.

The aid is part of a $3 billion joint investment promised by the two Gulf states to Sudan, of which $750 million - including $500 million deposited Sudan's central bank - has already been delivered.

SUNA quoted two Sudanese officials in March as saying that the money "will be allocated to help solve the shortages of wheat, medicine, petroleum and other commodities".

According to the two officials, Saudi Arabia has already delivered a grant of $1.5 billion to Sudan, following up on an aid pledge that was made in 2019. The pledge came just after the April 2019 uprising which ousted longtime President Omar Al-Bashir. 

Saudi Arabia and the UAE's involvement in Sudan after Bashir's ouster sparked concerns that the two Gulf states were interfering in Sudan's democratic transition.

Among those courted by the Gulf states are Sudanese military figures who cracked down on protesters.

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