Sudanese defence minister denies plans to send delegation to Israel

Sudanese defence minister denies plans to send delegation to Israel
Khartoum established ties with Israel last year but there has been a lot of opposition to normalisation among the Sudanese public
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16 April, 2021
Normalisation efforts have sparked protests in Sudan [Getty]
Sudan's defence minister has denied reports the country will send an official delegation to Israel amid ongoing anger over last year's decision to normalise ties.

Defence Minister Yassin Ibrahim rejected the claims that Khartoum will soon send its first governmental delegation to Israel, without offering further comments.

Reuters reported earlier this week that a delegation of Sudanese security and intelligence officials would travel to Israel some time next week.

The claims come as Sudanese transitional authorities continue to face widespread opposition over last year's decision to normalise ties with Israel.

More than 24 political parties denounced the government for repealing an Israel boycott law last week.

The Umma Party, one of the country's largest political factions, also condemned the move which it said exceeded the transitional government's authority.

Such decisions should be made under the authority of an elected legislative council, the party said.

Military and civilian leaders agreed to hold elections for a new parliament as part of a power-sharing deal signed following the 2019 ousting of former President Omar al-Bashir, but these have not materialized yet.

Arab and Islamic countries have historically refused to establish economic or diplomatic relations with Israel out of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Ibrahim also rejected reports that Russian forces had begun constructing a military base in Sudan.

Moscow and Khartoum signed a deal late last year that would allow Russia to build a naval base on the country's strategic Red Sea coast.

The Russian Navy will be allowed to keep up to four ships at a time at the base including nuclear-powered vessels.

The base will reportedly be manned by up to 300 military and civilian personnel.

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