Sudan army mediation team returns home from Jeddah 'for consultations'

Sudan army mediation team returns home from Jeddah 'for consultations'
The delegation representing Sudan's army in peace talks returned home from Saudi Arabia for further consultations.
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Fighting has gone on between the army and paramilitary forces since mid-April [Getty]

The Sudanese army's delegation to talks in the Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah aimed at restoring peace to Sudan has returned home "for consultations" and will continue "after obstacles are overcome," an army statement said on Thursday.

Differences on issues "including the rebels evacuating civilian homes in the capital and public facilities, hospitals and roads" led to a lack of agreement on an end to hostilities, the army said.

The fighting broke out in April as the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) vied for power. Since then, more than 3 million people have been uprooted, including more than 700,000 who have fled to neighbouring countries.

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Some 1,136 people have been killed, according to the health ministry, though officials believe the number is higher.

While the two warring sides have shown openness towards mediation efforts led by regional and international actors, none has resulted in a sustained ceasefire.

The two sides resumed talks, facilitated by Saudi Arabia and the United States, in Jeddah this month.