Students protest against cancelled exam in Egypt

Students protest against cancelled exam in Egypt
Student demonstrators took to Egypt's Tahrir Square to protest against the government's decision to cancel a high school exam on Monday after answers were leaked.
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27 June, 2016
Students headed towards Tahrir Square to demonstrate against the canceled exam [Getty]
Hundreds of students protested in front of Egypt's Education Ministry on Monday after it was forced to cancel a high school final exam when answers were leaked.

Egyptian high school students, supported by a number of parents demanded the resignation of Education Minister al-Helali el-Sherbini as they headed towards the capital's notorious Tahrir Square - the stage for Egypt's uprising against former president Hosni Mubarak.

"This is unfair," said student Amr Adel. "The student who didn't study will get higher grades than us. We were studying hard for 12 months... why all this unfairness?"

On Sunday authorities said the state security prosecution would handle the issue as it affected "the state's highest interests".

Authorities confirmed the mathematics exams would be held next Saturday, adding other tests in geology, history, and pure mathematics were also rescheduled.

El-Sherbini previously warned those found guilty of cheating or leaking test answers could face up to three years in prison and could incur a 50,000 Egyptian pounds ($5,600) fine.

Twelve officials from the Education Ministry were detained earlier this month after answers to the final nationwide exams for Arabic, religion and other subjects were posted anonymously on Facebook.

Several anonymous Facebook pages that have leaked the answers called for reform within high schools in Egypt - demanding a raise in teachers' wages and a fresh curricula.

Egypt's high school education system has been criticised and accused of corruption, with the wealthy and well-connected allegedly receiving preferential treatment.