Streets engulfed as Lebanon hit by torrential rains

Streets engulfed as Lebanon hit by torrential rains
Many Lebanese blame the severe flooding on government incompetence and corruption.
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29 November, 2020
Such scenes are not uncommon in Lebanon [Twitter]
Torrential downpours flooded streets across Lebanon on Saturday, with videos showing motorists struggling as highways transformed into flowing rivers.

Another video shared on social media pictured a delivery driver swept of his motorbike and carried down the road by the deluge.

Scenes of cars submerged under flood waters are not uncommon in Lebanon, where a combination heavy rains and poorly maintained infrastructure make floods a regular occurence in the winter.

The stormy weather also prompted an hours-long nationwide power outage. Most Lebanese already suffer hours of electricity cuts every day.

The renewed damage to buildings and infrastructure comes nearly four months after the devestating Beirut port explosion, which killed more than 200 people and left around 300,000 homeless. 

"As if the financial crisis, the explosion, tension & attacks on journalists are not enough!" Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim said in a tweet accompanied by a video of a road engulfed in muddy flood waters. "Corruption kills. Literally."

Lebanese journalist Luna Safwan added: "Nothing is functional in this country not even roads. This is the 3rd winter (if not more) with the same floods problems due to failed infrastructure that costs millions for nothing."

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