Six killed in Syria's Aleppo, following 'YPG shelling'

Six killed in Syria's Aleppo, following 'YPG shelling'
Shelling has killed at least six people in Aleppo province.
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15 October, 2019
The White Helmets have saved thousands of lives [Getty]
At least six people were killed by Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) artillery fire in northern Aleppo province on Tuesday, as Turkey-backed rebels continue their offensive into northern Syria.

The Kurdish militia shelled and fired rockets at Mirza, Tal Ali, and Shuaib, The White Helmets reported on Twitter - all villages in opposition areas of Aleppo province.

"Six people were killed, and 13 others were injured, after artillery shelling and rocket attacks by the YPG on the villages of Mirza, Tal Ali, and Shuaib in the eastern countryside of Aleppo this afternoon," The White Helmets tweeted.

The deadly attacks come after Turkey-backed Syrian National Army fighters - a coalition of former rebel groups - launched an offensive into Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) territories in northern Syria last Wednesday.

The Kurdish YPG are the dominant militia in the SDF.

Turkey says it aims at creating a "safe zone" in northern Syria, although critics believe Ankara's prime motive is to clear the border areas of Kurdish militias.

The offensive has also seen Syrian regime troops and Russian military police carve up the last remaining SDF territories, which followed an offer by Kurdish authorities to allow government troops into areas under their control.

Idlib has also witnessed bombing by regime or Russian aircraft on Tuesday with fears that a new offensive on the opposition province could be imminent.

"A mother, Intisar Al-Rahim, and her son, Mohammad Al-Iskaf, were killed, while 4 others were injured, after a regime rocket attack loaded with cluster bombs targeted civilian houses and a bakery in Al-Bara town in the southern countryside of #Idlib this afternoon," the White Helmets tweeted.
Meanwhile, four Syrian children were killed when "explosive device" detonated in northern Idlib province on Tuesday, while they played in a field, The New Arab's Arabic service reported.

Syria erupted into war in 2011, when regime forces brutally suppressed popular protests leading to armed uprisings across the country.

Since then around 500,000 people have been killed, the vast majority civilians by regime forces.