Shireen Abu Akleh 'targeted' and 'denied medical care' after Israel shooting

Shireen Abu Akleh 'targeted' and 'denied medical care' after Israel shooting
Shireen Abu Akleh, one of Palestine's best-known journalists who was shot dead by Israeli forces in May, was clearly identifiable as a journalist and denied medical attention at the time of her murder, a forensic investigation has found.
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03 November, 2022
Shireen was known for decades of tenacious reporting on Israel's occupation [Getty/file photo]

Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was targeted by an Israeli sniper and denied urgent medical attention, a detailed forensic investigation launched in full on Thursday has found. 

Palestinian human rights group Al Haq and Forensic Architecture showcased their painstaking investigation into the events of 11 May when the reporter was gunned down in Jenin, the occupied West Bank, during a presentation attended by Shireen's brother, Anton Abu Akleh, and Shatha Hanaysha, a journalist present at her death.

Their 3D reconstruction of Abu Akleh's murder used verified videos from eyewitnesses as well as visibility and spatial analysis to determine four important conclusions: that Shireen was clearly identifiable as a journalist from the sniper's position, that Shireen and her colleagues were repeatedly targeted, that there was no one between Shireen and the Israeli sniper, and that civilians who tried to help her were then shot, thus denying her medical care.  

"This investigation provides evidence of the intentional targeting shooting of Shireen," said Omar Ferwati from Forensic Architecture. 

Shots were fired above the shoulder, suggesting Israeli soldiers wanted to kill the journalist, and that the only bullets fired at Shireen were from the Israeli positions. 

Tayab Ali, from the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), told journalists at the press conference that the videos "demonstrate precisely how there is a clear case against the Israel solider" who shot Shireen Abu Akleh. 

"Israel systematically targets, attacks and maims journalists to avoid accountability," he added. 

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Nearly six months have passed since the Al Jazeera journalist was killed when she was shot in the head while covering an Israeli raid in Jenin. Those responsible for her murder have not been held accountable. 

In September, Abu Akleh's family formally submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) including evidence that she was deliberately killed by Israeli forces. 

The Al Haq-Forensic Architecture investigation will be added to the existing ICC complaint, The New Arab understands.   

Shireen’s bother Anton Abu Akleh said at the press conference: "No Palestinian-American should endure what my family is enduring. 

"We will stop seeking justice and accountability."