Israel's Shin Bet intelligence arrests Israelis for 'spying for Hamas'

Israel's Shin Bet intelligence arrests Israelis for 'spying for Hamas'
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27 January, 2020
Two Israelis were arrested after they were 'caught spying' for Hamas.
Hamas are based in Gaza [Getty]
Israel’s public security has announced that two Israelis have been arrested after they were recruited by Palestinian Hamas group to gather intelligence about the activities of the Israeli army.

According to Israeli Channel TwoShin Bet arrested two Israelis after sending intelligence, including photos to Gaza-based Hamas.

"The detainees photographed army sites in the center of the country, the sites of Iron Dome the anti-missile system and security installations," the channel said, adding they gave information about the locations of rockets fired towards Gaza.

The report added the Israelis were arrested about two weeks ago and was able to obtain confessions that they were working for Hamas, to collect information about the Israeli army.

It is unclear whether the Israelis arrested were Palestinian citizens of Israel or Jewish Israelis.

Israel, along with the US have listed Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

A number of countries, including Turkey, have open relations with the political bureau of Hamas.

The political wing of Hamas is not designated as a terrorist group by the UK's Home Office, but their military wing Izz Al-Din Al-Qassem Brigades is.

In 2007, the Islamist group won Palestinian elections, causing conflict between Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement.

It also led Israel to imposing a deadly blockade on Gaza.

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