Shia 'terrorist' shot and killed by Saudi authorities

Shia 'terrorist' shot and killed by Saudi authorities
A man allegedly wanted on terrorism charges was shot and killed by Saudi security forces on Tuesday night in the Qatif province, a region charged with sectarian tensions.
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17 January, 2018
Saudi authorities have been enforcing a continued crackdown on Shia dissent in the kingdom [Getty]
Saudi security forces shot and killed a man on Tuesday night "wanted for involvement in a number of terrorist crimes" during an exchange of fire in a Shia region, east of the kingdom.

Saudi news agency SPA identified the man as Abdullah bin Mirza Ali al-Qallaf, a Saudi national who was wanted by authorities for his involvement in "terrorist elements" in the town of Awamiya, in the Qatif province.

Qatif is home to the largest concentration of Shia muslims in the kingdom. The town of Awamiya has historically been a flashpoint for demonstrations against the sectarian Saudi regime. Tensions have been especially high since Saudi authorities executed prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr for terrorism charges two years ago.

SPA reported that al-Qallaf was driving a silver Hyundai bearing false number plates, when he was stopped near a farm located between the towns of Awamiya and Qudayh.

The reports contend that security forces attempted to stop al-Qallaf, but he refused and "started firing" at security officers who were forced to "neutralise" him by shooting him dead. No bystanders or security officers were hurt during the shooting.

According to SPA, a Kalashnikov, a pistol, a military uniform and masks were found inside the car.

Shia sources have since stated that al-Qallaf's name did not appear on any lists for wanted criminals or terrorists published by Saudi authorities, despite SPA's claim that he was under surveillance and wanted for terrorism charges.

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