'Several people wounded' by shots at Munich railway station

'Several people wounded' by shots at Munich railway station
German police say there were no religious or political motivations behind the shooting of a policewoman and several bystanders at a rail station in Bavaria.
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13 June, 2017
Police say the area is now safe after securing the station [AFP]

Several people were wounded when shots were fired at the Unterfoehring subway station near Germany's southern city of Munich on Tuesday, police said.

One person has been detained, while a policewoman who was injured is said to be in a serious condition.

"Several people were injured by shots. A female police officer was badly wounded," Munich police tweeted.

According to witnesses, the suspect grabbed a police officer's handgun and shot her.

Police say they have secured the area and are not treating the shooting as a terror attack.

Germany has been on high alert following terror attacks in the country over the past year.

Last December, a man drove a lorry into a Christmas market in Berlin killing 12 people, while police and intelligence services have foiled other planned attacks.

The UK, France and Belgium have also witnessed devastating attacks in recent years by Islamic State group-inspired militants.