Seven Yemenis suffocate to death after descending into well

Seven Yemenis suffocate to death after descending into well
Seven Yemenis have choked to death after descending into a well and inhaling toxic fumes in a village near Taez.
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15 May, 2022
Yemeni rural communities suffer from a lack of development [Getty]

 Seven people died on Saturday after suffocating to death in a well near the city of Taiz in Yemen.

The General Health and Housing Office in Taiz province said that the seven, who were all young men aged between 20 and 32, died after inhaling fumes from a generator in the village of Mukeisha south of Taiz city.

The shocking incident began when one of the men, a farmer, descended into the well to start a diesel-power generator which supplied water to local farms, according to local sources quoted by the Arabi 21 website.

He died after inhaling heavy smoke which came from the generator.

Several men tried to rescue him according to the sources, with one descending into the well. This man also died.

Five other men went in to investigate and they also died as a result of inhaling the toxic fumes.

All the men were transported to a hospital in the city of Turba near Taez but could not be saved.

Taez and the surrounding area have previously seen heavy fighting between Houthi rebels and forces loyal to the Saudi-backed internationally recognised Yemeni government.

Farmers in Yemen, which has been devastated by years of conflict and suffers from low levels of development, often use unsafe methods to irrigate their crops.