Senior Yemen general killed in clashes with Houthis as fighting intensifies in Marib

Senior Yemen general killed in clashes with Houthis as fighting intensifies in Marib
A senior brigadier was killed in clashes with Houthis in Yemen, as violence escalates in the war-torn region.
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29 April, 2021
Clashes continue in the war-torn region [Getty]

A senior military official has been killed following fierce clashes between Houthi rebels and government forces in Yemen.

"We extend our condolences to the Yemeni people, administration, and the Armed Forces for the martyrdom of Brigadier General Abdul Ghani Mohammad Salman," the Yemeni defence ministry said in a written statement.

No details have been released about the general's death, which was said to have happened in Marib province which has been the scene of fierce fighting between government forces and Houthi rebels.

A Houthi missile landed on the Rawda area of Marib on Wednesday morning, while on Tuesday Yemen government forces were able to repel further attacks, defending their last northern stronghold.

Houthi attacks have intensified, and rebels earlier this week took full control of the Kassara battlefield to the northwest, putting them within six kilometres (four miles) of the city centre, as well as progressing on western frontlines despite Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

Government forces have suffered several high-profile losses, including the death of a top Yemeni military judge earlier this week.

General Abdullah Al-Hadhiri, who served as the chief of Yemen's military judiciary and attorney general at the defence ministry, died amid intense fighting with Houthi forces west of Marib city, according to sources close to the military at the time.

His death comes as the Houthis advanced on western frontlines, with two days of fighting leaving at least 65 dead, including some 26 pro-government fighters.

The city's loss would be catastrophic for the government and Saudi Arabia which has supported it since March 2015, after the rebels took Sanaa.

It is believed that the Houthis are determined to capture Marib to use it as a bargaining chip for possible future negotiations with the government, amid a push by Washington to revive peace talks.

The government estimates that two million displaced people have made their way to Marib, seeking safety from a devastating war now in its seventh year.

President Joe Biden's administration is mounting a renewed push to end the conflict, warning that the suffering will only end when a political solution is found.

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