Second wave of bombings hits Lebanese border village

Second wave of bombings hits Lebanese border village
The Lebanese border village of al-Qaa on Monday evening was hit by a second wave of suicide bombings after an earlier string of pre-dawn attacks left five people dead.
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27 June, 2016
Five people were killed in bombings earlier in the day [Anadolu]

A second wave of bombings rocked the Lebanese border village of al-Qaaa on Monday evening, after an earlier string of suicide attacks killed at least five people.

Lebanese media reported multiple suicide attacks on a solidarity gathering to mourn the victims of the day's pre-dawn attacks on the Christian-dominated village close to the Lebanese border with Syria.

A military source told AFP that the first attacker blew himself up near the village church.

The security source said two other bombers struck in front of the municipality building.

The Lebanese Red Cross told LBC television that "many" people were wounded in the bombings.

"Clashes are ongoing on the outskirts of the village between the Lebanese army and armed groups," another security source said.

Before dawn, at least four suicide bombers hit the village, the army had said, in attacks the Red Cross said killed five people and wounded 15 others. Three assailants also died.

Al-Qaa is one of several border posts separating Lebanon and war-torn Syria and is predominantly Christian although one district, Masharia al-Qaa, is home to Sunni Muslims.

The border area has been rocked by clashes, shelling, and suicide attacks since Syria's conflict erupted in March 2011.

Suicide blasts in the area have typically targeted checkpoints or military installations and rarely include more than one attacker.