Scores of Egyptian prisoners die due to medical neglect

Scores of Egyptian prisoners die due to medical neglect
Twenty-two Egyptian prisoners died in the last seven months due to medical neglect, according to a new report.
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04 August, 2019
Egyptian prisoners often do not have their healthcare needs met (AFP)

Twetnty-two deaths resulted from medical neglect in Egyptian prisons since the beginning of this year until the end of July, according to a report from the Adalah Centre for Rights and Freedoms. 

The organisation said that there was an increasing number of such deaths over time, and stressed that prisoners must get access to healthcare.  

"Medical neglect in Egyptian prisons represents a danger to all and the state continues to ignore the effects of this danger," the centre said in the report published on Sunday.

In July alone, three prison deaths reportedly occurred as a result of medical neglect: Kilani Kilani Hassan, who died at Minya Public Prison on July 22, Omar Adel, who died at Tora prison on the same day, and Mahmoud al-Sayed who  died in the Zagazig prison on the 31st.

The centre also expressed its regret that there is no exact number of deaths in Egyptian prisons as a result of torture, medical negligence or even natural death, pointing out that figures issued by official and non-official sources only showed estimates.

Last month, former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi collapsed and died during a court hearing.  He had been denied medical treatment for diabetes and kept in solidarity confinement.  

Furthermore, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies have alleged that Egyptian authorities are deliberately denying Abdel-Moneim Aboul Fotouh - a viable contender in Egypt's first genuine presidential race of 2012 - "direly-needed healthcare" for his chronic illnesses.