Scores dead in Aden suicide attack

Scores dead in Aden suicide attack
A suicide bomber has killed and injured many in the latest attack to hit Yemen's coastal city.
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29 February, 2016
The attack follows a string of killings and bombings targeting officials in Aden [Getty]

A suicide bomber has targeted a security checkpoint in the southern coastal city of Aden on Monday.

Local sources told The New Arab that the car, driven by a suicide bomber exploded at a military checkpoint, killing and injuring many in the northern area of Mosabein, Aden.

The number of deaths and injuries has not yet been confirmed.

The attack follows a string of killings and bombings against government targets in loyalist-controlled southern Yemen.

Earlier this month, a Lahj provincial police chief, Colonel Adel al-Halemi was lightly wounded in a suicide bomb attack on his convoy in the port city.

The colonel's convoy was attacked while it made its way back to his home in the eastern part of al-Mimdara, an area in the Sheikh Othman district.

Another bombing which killed seven and wounded seven others took place just days before.

The 30 January bombing targeted a police checkpoint not far from the scene of an earlier attack that killed eight people, including soldiers and civilians, outside the presidential palace in the city, the sources said.

The United Nations says more than 6,000 people have been killed in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula state, about half of them civilians, since the coalition air campaign was launched ten months ago.