Saudis outraged after Saudi woman marries American non-Muslim in civil ceremony

Saudis outraged after Saudi woman marries American non-Muslim in civil ceremony
Saudi national "Jojo" shared photos of her wedding with her American fiancée on Instagram, sparking an uproar on Saudi social media.
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08 January, 2020
The Saudi woman married her American partner in a civil ceremony [itsreal_jojo/Instagram]
The marriage of a Saudi woman to an American man in a civil ceremony has stirred up considerable controversy among Saudi social media users.

The bride is a Saudi national living in the United States who goes by the name "Jojo". She announced her marriage to a young American man on Instagram in December. 

The video of her marriage has circulated widely on Saudi social media in recent days. Her civil marriage to an American man is likely to infuriate some, as it signals that her husband possibly did not convert to Islam prior to their marriage.

She began her Instagram account to share her love story and express her joy in finding her "soul mate", Saudi site Mz Mz reported.

Jojo's account features a number of photos of her with her American fiancée, as well as pictures from the wedding.

"Some people think you need to be from the same country or culture to make a relationship work. But our love is stronger than anything in this world," Jojo's partner said in their wedding vows.

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"Our culture is what makes this to me unique, beautiful and interesting... Let's make this life amazing, this love last. I love you, you're the best. Shukran and shalom."

Saudi Instagram users were quick to comment on Jojo's posts, expressing their shock and outrage with her choice to have a civil ceremony.

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