Saudi soldier killed as authorities foil terror plot

Saudi soldier killed as authorities foil terror plot
A Saudi soldier was killed during an operation to foil a terrorist attack by militants in the kingdom on Sunday.
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08 May, 2016
Saudi forces have faced several confrontations with militants in recent weeks [AFP]

A soldier was killed when Saudi security forces foiled a terrorist plot in Taif, the Saudi Interior Ministry said.

Saeed al-Harithy was with the security forces that thwarted the attack intended to target a police station in the Western Province, after exchanging heavy gunfire with two suspected terrorists on Sunday.

Forces monitored the suspects as they attempted to execute the attack at the Haddad Babni Malek police station before engaging in gunfire.

The suspects escaped from the scene and led the troops to a mountainous residential area nearby, where locals are reportedly taking part in the ongoing search operation.

Explosives, including a belt and bombs with metal fragments were retrieved by specialists at the scene.

On Thursday, two suspected militants were shot dead by Saudi police and two others blew themselves up during a raid near the holy city of Mecca.

A simultaneous raid occurred on a hideout in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, where two people were arrested, "and they are being investigated for their involvement in this cell", a spokesman said.

The kingdom is part of the US-led coalition bombing IS in Iraq and Syria, and Saudi political and religious leaders routinely denounce IS attacks as contrary to Islam.

But a report last year by the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force said Saudis comprised the second largest nationality among "foreign terrorist fighters" with IS.