Saudi TV anchor wants women to stand next to and lead men in prayer

Saudi TV anchor wants women to stand next to and lead men in prayer
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03 November, 2017
In a rare statement from a Saudi public personality, a TV presenter has called for equality in the prayer lines, saying women should stand with, or in front of men.
TV presenter Nadine Albudair has now deleted her tweet [YouTube]
A Saudi TV presenter courted controversy on Thursday evening when she called for women to lead prayers and to stand side by side with men.

In a now deleted tweet, Nadine Albudair, TV presenter at Rotana, said that: "It's from religious progression to stand in prayer with men, or in front of them, not behind them in the back rows. Islam is a religion of equality."

The issue of women leading men in prayer, or praying side by side has been raised before, but rarely has a Saudi public personality gone on the record and called for it. 

Nadine Albudair is a presenter on Rotana TV, a network owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal AlSaud. 

This is not the first time Albudair has caused controversy. In 2009 she penned an article titled, "Me and my four husbands" challenging the idea of polygamy and using the same arguments men use for polyandry. 

Reactions to her tweet on Thursday were quick to follow on social media.

Some joked:

If you want a mufti from Rotana

Your heart is overflowing with faith

Others jumped on to the misogynist bandwagon:

And then they complain about harassment

Some used the opportunity to tackle bigger taboos:

Ok, what does she think about equality between the king and the citizens?

Not everyone, however, rejected the idea:

For over 1,400 years (in Islamic tradition only) the woman has stood behind the man. Today you were upset by merely the suggestion of her standing in the front rows. We have a very long way to go.