Saudi police release Macarena dancing teenager

Saudi police release Macarena dancing teenager
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23 August, 2017
A Saudi teenager who was arrested for dancing the Macarena at a traffic junction has been released with a road safety warning in a case that has attracted international outrage.
This Saudi teenager stopped traffic with his Macarena dance moves [Twitter]
A 14-year-old boy who was detained by Saudi police for dancing to the song Macarena at a traffic intersection has been released with a warning about road safety, the interior ministry said on Wednesday.

The boy was filmed dancing to the catchy 1990s hit song in front of five lanes of cars stopped at a traffic light, in a clip widely shared on social media.

Police had said the teenager, whose name and nationality were not given, was being questioned because he had shown "improper public behaviour" and disrupted traffic.

An interior ministry statement said the boy had been released without charge, after he and his legal guardian were summoned for questioning.

"They signed a written pledge that the teen will not engage in behaviour that could endanger his life and the life of others again," it said.

"The notification was solely intended to warn the boy about potential consequences for his own safety, as well as to safeguard the overall safety of motorists and pedestrians."

Social media saw a mixed reaction to the video – with some condemning the boy's actions as "immoral" while others applauded him for his courage, calling him a "hero".

Meanwhile some criticised Saudi government as being the "saddest regime on earth" and "anti-joy".

One Twitter user said: "So, in #SaudiArabia, dancing #Macarena in public is IMMORAL. #Genocide in #Yemen is not!" referring to the Saudi-led coalition's bombing campaign in the war-torn country.

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