Saudi police arrest man seen beating baby in viral video

Saudi police arrest man seen beating baby in viral video
A video showing a Palestinian resident of Saudi Arabia beating his daughter while trying to force her to stand, has gone viral.
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22 September, 2019
The act of child abuse caused fury across the Arab world [Twitter]
Saudi authorities have arrested a man seen in a viral video that showed him beating his baby daughter because she was not yet able to stand.

The man, identified as Yousif Alqutai - a Palestinian resident of Saudi Arabia – was filmed beating his daughter in an attempt to force the baby to stand up despite her tender age.

He is seen grabbing her by the neck while shouting at her, before then proceeding to hang her from her ears. He then lifts her up and throws her down on the floor multiple times to see if she would land on her legs.

Every time the baby fell, he would slap her on her back, face and stomach.

The video went viral across the Arab world, with many demanding Saudi authorities arrest him while others urged capital punishment for the abuse.

Alqutai later appeared on social media to release a statement with his baby daughter, claiming the video was filmed "a long time ago" and pleading for foregiveness.

“As you can all see now she is perfectly fine. I tried to teach her to walk and now look by the grace of God she walks by herself.” 

Alqutai then went on to blame his wife for his acts of abuse, claiming she left him with their four children, which caused him to break down.

“Their mother left all four of our children with me and it has been difficult – as you can see in front of you there’s nothing wrong with them. I urge you all to pray for me instead of praying against me,” he said in the Arabic statement.

Saudi authorities said they were investigating the case.

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