Saudi MBC skit goes viral worldwide after mocking Biden, Harris

Saudi MBC skit goes viral worldwide after mocking Biden, Harris
A Saudi skit making fun of the US president has gone viral worldwide, drawing a range of reactions from Americans, amid unsteady US-Saudi ties
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13 April, 2022
The skit makes fun of Biden's apparent lack of attentiveness and his reliance on Harris [Getty- archive]

Saudi broadcaster MBC released a comedy skit on Tuesday mocking both US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, depicting the US leader as old, forgetful, tired and reliant on Harris for assistance.

The roughly one-minute skit, from the show 'Studio 22' on the pan-Arab network, has since gone viral worldwide, receiving a mix of reactions from American supporters and critics of Biden.

Khaled al-Farraj, who plays an unfocused Biden, is seen constantly forgetting things and falling asleep during a press conference, only to be reminded by and supported by Harris, played by male comedian Waheed al-Saleh, instead of a woman.

"Biden" says he wants to speak about Spain, then Africa, then Russia, and forgets Vladimir Putin’s name. He refers to "Harris" as First Lady instead of vice president.

An irritated Harris drags Biden away from the podium after he falls asleep, demanding that reporters clap for the president.

The 79-year-old US president’s health has long been in question, as he often appears to forget what he wants to say during speeches, sometimes slurred.

MBC is government-owned, suggesting that it was given the green light from authorities. The skit comes amid rocky ties between Washington and Riyadh, long-time strategic allies, over a number of issues.