Saudi-led coalition in Yemen destroys explosives-laden boat: state TV

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen destroys explosives-laden boat: state TV
The Saudi-led coalition announced that it had destroyed a boat full of explosives in the southern Red Sea and warned Yemen's Houthi rebels to remove weapons from a sports ground near Sanaa.
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23 December, 2021
The Saudi-led coalition said the boat was destroyed before it could carry out an attack [Getty File Image]

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen destroyed an explosives-laden boat in the southern Red Sea before it could carry out an attack, Saudi state television reported on Thursday, citing a coalition statement.

The coalition said later that the Iran-aligned Houthi group was using a sports ground called Al Thawra north of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa to store weapons and gave the group a deadline of six hours to remove them.

The deadline expires at 2300 GMT, the coalition added, threatening to attack Al Thawra if the movement does not comply.

"If an international committee finds any drones or missiles at Al Thawra we will directly hand them to the United Nations, but if nothing is found, the coalition should permanently halt their attacks," the head of the Houthi supreme revolutionary committee, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, said on Twitter.

The Houthis have launched repeated cross-border drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia since the coalition intervened in Yemen in March 2015 after the movement ousted the Saudi-backed government from Sanaa.

The coalition has escalated attacks on the Yemeni capital over the past month, accusing the group of storing weapons in civilian buildings.