Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit 'Yemen rebels' arms supply'

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit 'Yemen rebels' arms supply'
The Saudi-led coalition launched a series of air raids in Yemen on Thursday, as fighting between Yemeni pro-government militias and Houthi rebels continued across the country.
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09 December, 2016
Coalition airstrikes have mostly targeted civilian areas throughout the Yemen civil war [AFP]

Intense fighting in Yemen left 31 rebel fighters dead in a region bordering Saudi Arabia on Thursday, as Riyadh-led coalition airstrikes struck multiple locations across the country.

A military source in the coalition forces said that airstrikes destroyed seven boats "loaded with weapons" off the coast of Mokha, while other positions in the coastal region were hit.

Meanwhile, a Saudi border-guard was killed by a roadside bomb on Thursday evening, while transferring water near the border by car.

Air raids also hit rebel weapons caches in the south-western city of Taiz, where dozens of Houthi fighters were confirmed killed.

An unknown number of civilians also died in the attack as the Yemeni army launched an attack on rebel positions in residential areas of Taiz.

Rebel fighters fought back and reported killing an undisclosed number of army troops in the neighbourhood of Dar al-Madabi.

In Sanaa, seven coalition missiles hit rocket-launcher positions at the faculty of military engineering in the city's south.

The US state department confirned it had agreed to sell $3.51 billion worth of airplanes and weapons to Gulf countries  on Thursday, with many lawmakers voicing concerns over their potential use in Yemen.

Around 10,000 civilians have been killed in Yemen's civil war, which has now been raging for over 20 months.