Saudi journalist calls for 'forcefully exterminating' feminists in Embassy Quarters

Saudi journalist calls for 'forcefully exterminating' feminists in Embassy Quarters
Well known Saudi journalist Mohammed al-Ahaidab has called for 'forcefully exterminating' feminists and dealing with them the way terrorists are dealt with.
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23 January, 2019
Mohammed al-Ahaidab threatened feminists [Twitter]

A Saudi journalist has called for gathering Saudi feminists and killing them, accusing them of being the “instigators of corruption” and comparing them to terrorism.

“The devils from within who inspire girls to rebel must be forcefully exterminated for the interest of the nation and other general reasons,” Mohammed al-Ahaidab said in a tweet.

He also compared feminists to terrorists:

“We must ensure those who instigate such corruption are dealt with using the law of the tivine in the same way we have used it to deal with terrorists. I am not joking when I say we must use the Embassy Quarters for this” the tweet added.

His tweet linked to his article written in the Okaz news outlet, which is known for its close to the Saudi regime. He continued to lambast feminists and alleged corruption they induce, claiming they are exasperating the Western media’s alleged anti-Saudi agenda.

“The case of Rahaf came after the death of colleague Jamal Khasoggi. The media attention both have received is direct proof that the Western media is not in solidarity with Khashoggi and Rahaf, but to serve an agenda against Saudi Arabia,” his article said.

He also accused Canada, a country which has previously condemned Saudi Arabia for its human rights record of capitalising on Rahaf al-Qunun for its own political gains.

Earlier this month, Canada quickly stepped in to resettle Saudi teenage runaway Rahaf after she took to Twitter to publicise her attempts to flee alleged abuse from her family.

Articles written in Okaz are regarded to be on par with Saudi internal and foreign policy because of the grasp the Saudi regime has on the outlet.

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