Saudi firms 'sounded out' for European Super League broadcasting rights

Saudi firms 'sounded out' for European Super League broadcasting rights
Amid outrage at the new European Super League plans, fans have also speculated that matches may also be hosted outside of Europe.
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20 April, 2021
The new plans have triggered backlash from football fans [Getty]
Saudi and American broadcasters have been sounded out about broadcasting rights for a possible controversial new European Super League, Sky News reported on Monday.

No further details were given about which broadcasters or firms were spoken to.

Announced on Sunday, the new European Super League is set to involve 12 heavyweights from England, Spain and Italy in a new competition governed by its founding clubs.

The plan has sparked huge controversy within the footballing world for challenging the supremacy of Europe's top club competition, the UEFA-run Champions League.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are the English clubs involved.

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the Spanish teams and AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus Italian ones joining the league. The teams have 99 European titles between them.

UEFA and English, Spanish and Italian football authorities have issued a joint statement threatening to ban participating clubs from "any other competition at domestic, European or world level".

The footballing bodies also threatened to bar players from their national teams due to uproar of the new league, which critics say will destroy domestic football.

The plans have also triggered a significant backlash from fans, who have expressed dismay at what is seen as an increasing disconnect between top football clubs' billionaire owners and the teams' grassroots.

"Young people aren't bored of watching professional football," wrote fan association Football Supporters Europe on Twitter. 

"They're priced out of watching professional football by the very clubs who claim to be acting in their interests."

Elsewhere on social media, fans speculated about the possible involvement of Saudi Arabia and other wealthy states outside of Europe.

"My favourite bit is gonna be when they host half the European Super League games in the US and Saudi Arabia," joked British comedian Tez Ilyas on Twitter.

Others echoed a similar sentiment.

"Guarantee. Absolutely guarantee this. The final of the super league will be held in Saudi Arabia or Dubai," wrote another Twitter user.

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