Saudi bomb blast claimed by Islamic State group

Saudi bomb blast claimed by Islamic State group
A bomb exploded in the Saudi capital damaged several cars but caused no injuries, in the latest militant attack claimed by the Islamic State group.
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08 February, 2016
Saudi has witnessed a number of miltant attacks over the past decade [AFP]

The Islamic State group have claimed responsibility for a bomb blast in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh.

A statement by the groups said that a "sticky bomb" was used and that militants targetted the vehicle of a member of the Saudi armed forces, Gulf News reported.

Police in Riyadh said the explosion damaged cars but did not wound anyone.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency said the blast happened Monday morning and that police were alerted to the explosion by a citizen.

The brief report offered no details on what caused the blast. It said the explosion shattered the windows of nearby cars.

Saudi Arabia currently faces attacks from the Islamic State group, which controls territory in Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia is part of a US-led coalition targeting the extremists.

On Thursday, Riyadh said it could commit ground troops to engage IS militants in Syria, followed shortly by a commitment by the UAE.