Saudi Arabia, UAE see spike in coronavirus cases after lifting curfew

Saudi Arabia, UAE see spike in coronavirus cases after lifting curfew
After easing coronavirus measures last month, the two Gulf countries saw a spike in daily Covid-19 infections.
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05 July, 2020
The novel coronavirus has infected over 11 million people globally [Getty]
Saudi Arabia's coronavirus infections surpassed 200,000 cases, while the UAE has recorded a total of 50,000 infections. The numbers reportedly climbed after the two Gulf countries lifted curfews last month.

Restrictions curbing the spread of the virus had been in place in both countries since mid-March, Reuters reported on Sunday, while gradual easing of measures has allowed businesses to reopen.

Other Gulf countries Qatar, Bahrain and Oman did not impose a curfew, while Kuwait has maintained a partial one, according to Reuters.

Saudi Arabia has the highest number of cases among all Gulf states, adding up to a total of 201,801 infections which have resulted in 1802 deaths, according to the latest situation report released by the WHO. The Kingdom reportedly recorded an additional 4,100 cases on Friday and Saturday. 

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Its neighbour, the UAE, has registered total of 50,141 infections according to the same situation report. Reuters reported a recent rise in daily infection rates, with 600 new cases confirmed on Friday and over 700 on Saturday.

While rates have spiked, Dubai – a regional business and tourism hub – is due to reopen to foreign visitors on July 7.

Meanwhile, Qatar, which has recorded the second highest infection rate at near 100,000 cases has noted a drop in new infections.

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