Saudi Arabia covers 2,450 wells following Rayan tragedy in Morocco

Saudi Arabia covers 2,450 wells following Rayan tragedy in Morocco
Saudi Arabia has filled 2,450 wells across the kingdom following the Rayan tragedy and has urged residents to report more.
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09 February, 2022
The Rayan tragedy shook the world [Getty]

Saudi Arabia has said it filled around 2,450 abandoned wells across the country, days after a five-year-old boy died when he fell into a well in Morocco's Rif Mountains. 

The measures came after the world watched rescue attempts last week to save Rayan who fell into a dried-up well in Morocco whilst playing. Shortly after Rayan was retrieved from the well, authorities announced that the boy had died.

Rayan's case sparked debate on infrastructure in rural areas across the Arab world, including in Saudi Arabia where empty wells scatted the kingdom, long-abandoned since the decline of the village and growth of cities.

Riyadh swiftly announced measures to tackle abandoned water shafts in the country following Rayan's case.

"To ensure everyone’s safety the ministry was able to fill in and fortify 2,450 abandoned wells," the Saudi environmental ministry said in a statement.

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"It continues to work to fill in the rest of the exposed wells," the ministry added, calling on residents to report unsafe wells.

Hundreds of locals and Moroccans came from distant cities and towns to pay tribute to little Rayan at the mountainous village of Ighran, and join the Islamic funeral prayer for his soul on Monday.