Saudi airstrike kills 10 civilians in Yemen

Saudi airstrike kills 10 civilians in Yemen
The airstrike hit the Ouled Amer village, destroying one home and leaving ten civilians dead.
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22 March, 2018
Yemenis check the damage after a Saudi airstrike in Sanaa [File photo: Getty]
A Saudi airstrike on Thursday in the northern Yemeni province of Saada killed ten civilians, including women and children.

Medics who saw the wreckage said a house in Ouled Amer village was destroyed during the strike. A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition could not immediately be reached for comment, Reuters reported.

The Saudi-led coalition has carried out frequent airstrikes against the Houthi rebels, often killing civilians in the process. 

Saudi Arabia commenced its deadly airstrikes in Yemen in March 2015 after the Houthis ousted the internationally-recognised government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Hadi currently lives in exile in Riyadh.

On Wednesday, two Yemeni government ministers resigned to protest what they say is Riyadh's refusal to allow Hadi to return to Yemen.

The war in Yemen has to date killed more than 10,000 people and has devastated the Arab world's poorest country.

The UN has called Yemen the "world's worst humanitarian disaster". More than 2 million Yemenis have been driven from their homes as a result of the fighting, and there are up to one million suspected cholera cases in the country. 

Saada is the main stronghold of the rebel Houthis, who control much of northern Yemen as well as the capital Sanaa.

Riyadh says the Houthis are backed and armed by Iran - a charge the rebel group denies. 

Agencies contributed to this report.

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