Russian ship carrying 'stolen Ukrainian grain' arrives in Syria: report

Russian ship carrying 'stolen Ukrainian grain' arrives in Syria: report
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30 May, 2022
Around 400,000 tonnes of Ukrainian grain have reportedly been seized by Russian forces with Moscow's invasion threatening global food supplies. 
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has plunged the world into a food crisis [Getty]

Satellite images have shown a Russian ship allegedly carrying stolen grain from Ukraine arriving in Syria, according to reports. 

The images, provided by Maxar Technologies, show the Matros Pozynich in the Syrian port of Latakia on 27 May. This was reportedly the ship's second trip to Syria in the past four weeks, CNN reported.

The Matros Pozynich is one of three vessels that have been loading grain in Sevastopol, Crimea, since Russia invaded Ukraine. It reportedly travelled along the Bosphorus strait south along the coast of Turkey before reaching Latakia in Syria, carrying roughly 30,000 tonnes of grain, according to CNN

Multiple other vehicles, including ships and trucks, have reportedly been carrying Ukraine's grain from farms and silos out of the country. Ukrainian authorities estimated that around 400,000 tonnes of grain have been seized by Russian forces, threatening the world’s food supply. 

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Ukraine is one of the world's biggest wheat-producing countries but the Russian invasion has damaged its ability to continue exports. Several countries have been forced to look elsewhere for wheat at short notice, and rising prices are threatening to plunge millions of people into poverty. 

Over the past few years, Russian forces have aided Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in destroying any opposition to his brutal regime, and have been accused of committing gross human rights violations against the Syrian people. 

More than 500,000 Syrians have been killed since the 2011 uprising began, the vast majority civilians killed in regime attacks.

Around 150,000 Syrians have been detained since 2011, in regime 'dungeons' where thousands are feared dead due to torture, executions, and lack of food and medical care.