Russian embassy complains over 'disruptive' Save Aleppo protest

Russian embassy complains over 'disruptive' Save Aleppo protest
Russia has complained that the demonstration outside its London embassy was 'disruptive,' while in Aleppo, it warns besieged residents to leave the rebel-held half of the city or face 'annihilation.'
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04 November, 2016
Protesters set up a striking installation outside Russia's London mission [The Syria Campaign]
Russia has complained to the British government over a protest which saw hundreds of dolls' limbs strewn outside its London embassy in protest over its atrocities in Syria.

Protesters answered UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson's call to demonstrate outside Moscow's London mission by carpeting the pavement with 800 plastic limbs, symbolising the deaths of hundreds of children of Aleppo at the hands of Russian airstrikes.

The embassy has claimed the protest was "openly provocative".

"The unwillingness of the British Government to ensure normal operation and security of the Russian diplomatic mission in London has caused deep concern with the Russian Embassy," said a statement on its website.

Some 25 activists from The Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity UK blockaded the embassy's entrance with the mannequin parts, while two protesters chained themselves to the gate.

The Syria Campaign said its striking protest comes as the Russian-backed regime's assault on east Aleppo "could be about to get even worse" in retaliation over rebels' assault on the west of the contested city.

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The Russian embassy complained that the protest "has been accompanied by an ongoing anti-Russian campaign in the media inspired by some statements of the British officials".

"One is under the impression that this disruptive 'protest action' has been thoroughly planned, which is not surprising in the context of the recent official statement in Parliament by Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson encouraging to hold protests outside the Russian Embassy in London," its statement said, adding it was forwarding a Note of Protest to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

"The security of the Russian diplomatic mission in the UK was compromised. Police officers remained indifferent in the face of the openly provocative and disorderly conduct of the 'demonstrators'.

"Moreover, nuisance callers blocked the embassy telephone line rendering it impossible to contact the mission for genuine callers."

Meanwhile, a Russia-declared ceasefire came into effect in opposition-held areas of Aleppo on Friday. Leaflets warned besieged residents to use the pause in fighting to cross into government territory or risk "annihilation".