Russian bombing 'kills 16 children' in Syria's Idlib

Russian bombing 'kills 16 children' in Syria's Idlib
A Russian air raids has killed at least 25 people - mostly children - in a rebel-controlled area of Syria.
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16 March, 2017
Idlib has been hit by another bombing [Anadolu]
A Russian air raid in Syria's Idlib province killed at least 25 people, mostly children, the main Syrian opposition coalition said on Thursday.

Russian jets targeted an apartment block on Wednesday in Idlib city using vacuum bombs, the Syrian Coalition claimed, which led to the building to collapse burying residents under tons of rubble.

Idlib's White Helmets civil rescue team said 16 children, six women and three men were killed in the attack, and released a photo showing the remains of the apartment block.

Activists released footage from the bomb site showing rescue workers trying to save the wounded.

Russian jets launched three more air raids on Idlib city on Thursday, despite a ceasefire being in place between rebels and the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Coalition said Russia "bears full political and legal responsibility for this crime and for consequences that will follow from it".

It called on the UN to investigate the bombing and take action against Russia's breach of the ceasefire.