Russia says US not fulfilling Syria ceasefire obligations

Russia says US not fulfilling Syria ceasefire obligations
Criticism follows claims by the UN that the Syrian government has blocked aid convoys from reaching embattled areas of Syria.
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15 September, 2016
Russia claimed a number of rebel groups were "controlled" by the US
The United States is not fulfilling its obligations under a ceasefire agreement that came into place on Monday night, Russia's Defence Ministry has said.

Washington was guilty of "rhetorical fog", said a Kremlin spokesman, who added that only the Syrian government was truly committed to keeping to the terms of the truce.

Syrian opposition movements "controlled by the US" had violated the truce and shelled civilian inhabited areas, said military spokesman Igor Konashenkov, reading from a prepared statement.

Several armed opposition groups have rejected the ceasefire deal, saying it favoured Damascus and gave regime troops an opportunity to regroup ahead of further strategic gains.

The criticism from Moscow comes on the same day the UN envoy for Syria accused Bashar al-Assad's government of restricting the access of aid convoys delivering potentially life-saving aid into embattled areas of Syria.

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