Russia has 'no problem' selling Iran its advanced S-400 air defences, says envoy

Russia has 'no problem' selling Iran its advanced S-400 air defences, says envoy
Russia’s ambassador to Iran said Moscow was willing to sell Tehran S-400 air defence systems when the UN arms embargo expires later this month, despite the threat of US sanctions.
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05 October, 2020
A rocket launches from a S-400 missile system at Russia's Ashuluk military base [Getty]
Russia's ambassador to Iran has suggested that Tehran may soon be the recipient of its most advanced air defence system, the S-400.

Levan Dzhagaryan told Iran's Resalat newspaper on Saturday that Moscow "does not have any problem with selling S-400" to the Islamic Republic.

The envoy spoke in reference to the imminent lifting of a UN arms embargo on Iran on 19 October. However, the US has reimposed harsh sanctions on Iran and any other country that sells it weapons. 

"We have said since the very first day that there will be no problem for selling weapons to Iran from 19 October," the envoy was quoted as saying.

Dzhagaryan pointed out that in 2015 Russia sold Iran several batteries of its previous generation air defences, the S-300.

The 2015 sale was made soon after Iran signed a nuclear deal with the US and other major powers. Until the nuclear deal was signed, Moscow had paused the sale in order to abide by international sanctions.

The ambassador also indicated that Moscow would not be put off by threats of US sanctions this time around.

"As you know we have provided Iran with S-300. Russia does not have any problem to deliver S-400 to Iran and it did not have any problem before either," he said.

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The S-400 system has been in operation since 2007 and is Russia's most advanced air defence system, boasting a range of 400 kilometres.

Israel is likely to try and block the sale of the S-400 to Iran, as it could impede a strike on its nuclear facilities.

Israel's aerial superiority in Syria has been undercut by Russia's deployment of S-400 batteries, which can monitor the majority of Israeli air space. However, reports suggest Israel's F-35 stealth jets have managed to evade Russian tracking.

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