Russia displays Syria war trophies in nationwide propaganda tour

Russia displays Syria war trophies in nationwide propaganda tour
Weapons captured during Russia's war with anti-regime rebels in Syria are being displayed at an exhibition.
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24 February, 2019
Syrian rebel weaponry has been displayed in Russia [Getty]

Weaponry captured during Russia's military campaign in Syria are to be displayed in a nationwide propaganda tour of the country, Russian media have reported.

Rebel tanks, rifles and howitzers will be part of the exhibition which started on Saturday in Moscow on Russia's "Defender of the Fatherland Day", commemorating Moscow's armed forces.

"Syrian Breakthrough", as the exhibition is known, will see the war trophies travel on a propaganda tour by rail from Moscow to Vladivostok in the far east of the country.

Eighteen train cars will take the 500-plus pieces of military equipment through the country, according to Moscow Times

It will include a T-55 tank used by rebels and armoured vehicles that have been used by some jihadi elements as suicide bomb vehicles in offensives on regime forces.

After visiting 61 Russia cities it will return to the capital Moscow in time for Victory Day parades on 9 May.

Russia entered the Syria war in September 2015, after its ally President Bashar al-Assad suffered a series of military losses to rebel forces.

Moscow has been credited with helping regime forces win back most opposition territories by leading air strikes on rebel areas.

But the ruthless Russian air campaign has also seen thousands of civilians killed with human rights groups saying hospitals, markets and homes have been targeted in the blitz on opposition areas such as East Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta and Idlib.

The war has also been crucial to President Vladimir Putin's standing in Russia, after the country's economy was hit by Western sanctions and low oil prices.