Russia warplane bombs Syria's Idlib province twice despite ceasefire

Russia warplane bombs Syria's Idlib province twice despite ceasefire
The warplane was a Sukhoi Su-34 and performed two aerial raids while the offices of a Kurdish opposition party were set on fire in northeastern Syria.
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20 April, 2022
Rebels said no one was killed by the Russian Sukhoi Su-34 raids [ Images Group/Getty-file photo]

A Russian warplane bombed northwestern Syria's Idlib province on Tuesday with high-explosive rockets.

The bombing targeted the hilly Jabal Al-Zawiya area in Idlib's south which separates forces belonging to the Syrian regime, an ally of Moscow, from rebels who hold vast swathes of territory in the province.

The warplane was a Sukhoi Su-34 and carried out two aerial raids, rebel monitoring units told The New Arab's Arabic-language service.

The rebels said no one was killed but there was material damage.

The attack comes despite a ceasefire that was agreed for Idlib two years ago by Russia and Turkey, which supports rebels in the province.

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The northeastern Hasakah province also saw violence on Tuesday between rival Kurdish groups.

An armed group affiliated with the leftist Democratic Union Party (PYD) attacked an office belonging to the centrist Kurdistan Democratic Party in Hasakah city, according to sources in the governorate.

The sources said there were over 10 PYD-linked fighters dressed in military outfits, adding that the men, some of whom were masked, "brutally and cruelly attacked".

They allegedly "threatened the [party] members and guests present in the office, throwing them out", before "setting a fire with Molotov cocktails, smashing pictures and tearing the Kurdistan flag".

The PYD stopped firefighters from putting the blaze out, the sources said.