In move likely to anger Putin, Israel finally takes US side over Ukraine

In move likely to anger Putin, Israel finally takes US side over Ukraine
After weeks of trying to silence, Israel slammed Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, saying it poses a 'major attack on the world order'.
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25 February, 2022
Yair Lapid condemned Israel for its invasion of Ukraine [Getty]

Israel's foreign minister lambasted Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, saying it has massive implications for the world order.

Yair Lapid slammed Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, branding it as a "major attack on world order” and said Tel Aviv is "ready to assist the Ukrainian people".

"Wars are not the right way to settle conflicts. This can stop and return to the negotiating table for a peaceful solution,” he said, according to Anadolu Agency.

This comes despite Israel's own brutal assault on Gaza last year which killed over 250 people, including dozens of children.

Tel Aviv has been criticised for its silence during the Russian military build-up on Ukraine's borders, with Lapid stressing Israel has "good and deep" relations with both Moscow and Kyiv.

He urged all Israeli citizens to leave Ukraine.

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Lapid's remark comes after Israel's foreign ministry released a cryptic statement in support of Ukraine on Wednesday, without mentioning Russia by name.

In response, Russia condemned Israel for its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

"We are concerned over Tel Aviv’s announced plans for expanding settlement activity in the occupied Golan Heights, which directly contradicts the provisions of the 1949 Geneva Convention," said Russia's United Nations envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a major offensive on Ukraine early Thursday morning. Hours later, Russian ground forces crossed into Ukraine from several directions, according to the Ukrainian border agency.

The Russian army said later on Thursday that Moscow-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine were advancing and had gained territory.

Putin launched the unprovoked invasion after recognising the two rebel republics in eastern Ukraine and signing friendship treaties with them.

The leaders of the US, UK and France said they had spoken to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to lend their support.

US President Joe Biden called Russia's attack "unprovoked and unjustified".